In 2013, the Unsound theme is INTERFERENCE, interpreted in a number of ways. One of these is exploring music made by artists with disabilities, generally overlooked by the festival circuit.

A months before Unsound 2013, members of the Australian group The Bridge will arrive in Poland for the "The MOST" Project (or "Bridge" in Polish). This band of musicians of "varying ability" from the Australian regional city of Lismore will connect with likeminded Polish bands Na Gorze and Remont Pomp, which also contain members both with and without disabilities.

After phases of rehearsing together, the bands will go on a tour of Poland that starts on 10 September with a concert at Willa FSC Sopot, 12 September at Powiększenie in Warsaw, 13 September at ODA (Firlej) in Wroclaw and conclude on 14 September in Krakow at Manggha Museum. During this tour, the Australian and Polish musicians will also be joined by various well known representatives of the Polish experimental and jazz music scenes. This includes: Mikolaj Trzaska, Olo Walicki, Tom Ziętek, Paul Szamburski, Michael Gorczynski, Ray Dickaty and Arthur Majewski. At the end of the Polish tour, the Australian artists will also go on to visit Lviv, where they will have the opportunity to work with Ukrainian partners.

In addition to the planned concerts, members of the The Bridge will utilize recordings made during the month to create an interactive multimedia installation that will be part of Unsound Festival 2013 in Krakow. Members of another inclusive band from Lismore called Tralala Blip will arrive in Poland at this time, to work on the installation.

Tralala Blip will also perform during Unsound, with a sound that intersects with much of the electronic music in our festival. They have a release on the Room 40 label run by Lawrence English, and you can check their great song and video for a track called "The Sweetest Girl" here.

The Australian band The Bridge and RealArtworks not for profit foundation are the originators of the tour in Poland and Lviv, as well as a program of music workshops that will be conducted by the Australian and Polish organizers. In addition, organizational and logistical support has been given from Krakow's Tone Foundation For Music and New Art Forms, responsible for presenting Unsound events in Poland and elsewhere.


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