It's been some time since we've released anything via the Unsound Podcast series, but then we unexpectedly received a mix tape from Polish artist The Phantom in our in-box. Although he's better known for club music, this enigmatic and distinctive mix treads a different path.

Here's what The Phantom had to say: "The mix expands on some of the ideas presented on my mini album 'MC 1', released last year on Sangoplasmo Records. The cassette, intended as a soundtrack to a video art loop on 'art, obscenity and sexuality' (as described by its author - Michal Gruca), was a step towards revealing some of my non-club music influences. Both the cassette and the mix are very much focused on the 80's and soundtrack recordings by the likes of Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter & Alan Howarth and Michel Rubini. It includes their work, as well as excerpts from the cult sex-drugs-fashion 'flick' - Liquid Sky. The 80's idea of 'an electronic film score' is confronted with futuristic jams by Double Fantasy, Servi and the pioneer Harald Grosskopf, as well as the stripped-down, avant-garde pop aesthetics of White Noise and Silver Apples from a decade and a half earlier. The mix concludes with a snippet from Jimmy and Carol Owens' sermon on a Christian-friendly label - Light Records - and a romantic, date-at-the-museum theme from the apocalyptic Miracle Mile. There you go - romance, museums, fashion, religion, sexuality, trauma, apocalypse."

Tracklist (all vinyl):

Slava Tsukerman & Brenda I. Hutchinson & Clive Smith - Wordplay (Milan)
Harald Grosskopf - Trauma (Sky)
Double Fantasy - Children Of The Universe (Muza)
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Back To The Pod (Celine)
Michel Rubini & Denny Jaeger - Beach House (Milan)
Slava Tsukerman & Brenda I. Hutchinson & Clive Smith - The Way The Alien Kills (Milan)
Servi - Laistrygonen (Amiga)
White Noise - The Visitation (Island)
Silver Apples - Dust (Phoenix)
Robert Fripp - The Chords That Bind (Editions EG)
Tangerine Dream - Museum Walk (Private Music)
Jimmy And Carol Owens - If My People... (excerpt) (Light)
Eberhard Schoener - Signs of Emotion (Harvest)

Link: https://soundcloud.com/unsound/up-19-the-phantom-mixtape
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