Unsound has worked with local organizers in Minsk to create three local editions of the festival in Belarus. Unsound remains committed to supporting activity in the innovative music scenes in this country, and encouraging cultural institutes and local embassies to do the same.
With the support of the ECF (European Cultural Fund) and in cooperation with Berlin’s scape label, Club Transmediale and the IN-Touch group in Minsk, Unsound is now working on a large-scale project called “Connections”.
“Connections” involves the creation of a series of collaborative projects between music producers and sound artists from western European countries and local musicians, producers and poets in Belarus. The project will take place in Minsk, as well as various other European cities such as Berlin, Warsaw, Geneva and Stockholm, and will result in a free downloadable CD to be released by scape in 2009.
At Unsound in October 2008, the “Connections” project also involves a conference on “Emerging Networks”. This will focus on expanding and creating links between festivals from Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and other countries in the region, such as Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia and Latvia. Discussion presentations of the “Connections” project will be given at Unsound 2008 and Club Transmediale 2009.
As for Belarus audiences, on September 27th an all-night showcase of performances by various artists involved in “Connections” will take place at Club Fabrique, including:

Pole (DE), Pinch (UK), Jacek Sienkiewicz (PL), Vulva String Quartet (DE), Kadebostan (CH), Andrej Kirichenko (UKR), Denis Kolokol (UKR), Kassian Troyer (IT), Vladislav Buben (BY), NadinKatrin (BY), DJ Drug (BY), Minor Scene (BY), I/dex (BY), Knyaz Mishkin (BY), St. Braten (BY), Barflys Dreams (BY)

“Connections” is supported by the ECF, as well as the Minsk Goethe Institute, Minsk Polish Institute, Pro Helvetia and the Swedish Institute.