UP#15 Future Shock mixed by Philip Sherburne

This is one of the more schizophrenic mixes I've ever recorded, but
that's appropriate, I suppose, given the subject matter.
The introduction comes from the 1972 film adaptation of Alvin
Toffler's book Future Shock, narrated by Orson Welles. I actually
watched the film when I was still in grade school—just 12 or 13 years
old, as I recall. I suppose some well-meaning teacher wanted to
teach us to think critically about media and technology, but at that
age, I remember feeling only baffled. Today, the film (which you
can watch on YouTube, appropriately enough)
feels both comically dated and woefully prescient. That collision of
sensations dictated the overall shape of the mix, which leans heavily
on broken-down techno and tangled retro-futurism. Instead of the
streamlined designs and elegant circuitry that electronic music has
supposedly promised, this mix is all about shuddering gears and time
out of joint.
The majority of it was mixed with vinyl, using two Technics 1210s and
an Allen & Heath mixer; the final two tracks, along with additional
passages taken from the film, were added in Ableton at the end.
Ironically, as difficult as mixing some of the tracks proved, figuring
out how to close it all out was infinitely harder. Just like the film
says, "Every day we're bombarded by choices, we need to make
instant decisions, we're in endless combat with our own environment
with all its pace and variety, its choice and over-choice."


1. Intro – Future Shock (1972, narrated by Orson Welles)
2. The Hafler Trio, "Suppressed Noise" [Doublevision 1972/1984]
3. Vibert/Simmonds, "Submarine" [Rephlex 1993]
4. Roswell Return, "A Goldbach Vibe (Clean Cut Remix)" [SD Records
5. Caribou, "Bowls (Holden Remix)" [City Slang 2010]
6. P. Eladan, "Monochordium II" [Muting The Noise 2010]
7. Juju & Jordash, "Chelm Is Dubbing" [Golf Channel Recordings 2011]
8. Morphosis, "Dirty Matter (NWAQ's Via Mezzacapo Dub)" [Delsin
9. Redshape, "Kracken's Game" [Present 2011]
10. Terekke, "Damn" [L.I.E.S. 2011]
11. Grackle, "Jungle (Original Mix)" [Discos Capablanca 2008]
12. About Group, "You're No Good (A Theo Parrish Translation)"
[Domino 2011]
13. Daphni, "NPE" [Resista 2011]
14. Tilt (Trouble Funk), "Arkade Funk" [D.E.T.T. Records 1983]
15. Autechre, "Lost" [Warp 1994]
16. Laurel Halo, "Strength In Free Space" [Hippos In Tanks 2011]

UP#15 Future Shock mixed by Philip Sherburne by unsound
Link: http://soundcloud.com/unsound/up-15-future-shock-mixed-by-philip-sherburne
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